Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolving to get connected in 2011?

As we rang in the new year, we were struck by the number of people talking and thinking about how they'll be eating in 2011. We watched New Years Eve celebrations around the world where people resolved to eat locally and organically. Obama is signing the Food Safety law today. NPR reminds me daily about how focused the world is the importance of growing local economies and generating jobs for our communities. We're glad to know that no matter how much frost, we're all thinking about where our food.

As a lover of lists, I found an interesting listing of the Top Ten Reasons to Eat Local. As farmers, we feel it's important to provide the connection for our customers to our farm, as mentioned in this excerpt, "By eating local, people are able to reconnect with local farmers, and through local farmers, reconnect with the earth. Many people first begin to understand the critical need for this lost sense of connectedness when they develop personal relationships with their farmers and actually visit the farms where their food is produced. We cannot build a sustainable food system until people develop a deep understanding of their dependency upon each other and upon the earth."

It's this connectedness that caused us to develop our CSA program. We hope you'll join us for our 2011 CSA season of connectedness with your food and your farmer!